Electrical Works

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Repairing & Maintenance of following electrical works:

General all kinds of cabling and cable renewal works
General fan motors (ventilation, boiler, inert gas, sanitary fan)
All kinds of electrical motor (pump, fan, bow thruster, exproof, etc)
Rewinding of all kinds of electrical motor & coil winding
Genset alternators
Emg generator alternators
Shaft generator alternators
General cleaning and maintenance of main switcboard
General cleaning and maintenance of emergency switcboard and other boards
Balancing of impellers, rotors
All kinds of calibration works (Temperature, pressure, sensors etc)
Alarm and alarm monitoring works
Otomoation systems (Main switchboard, emergency switchboards, distrubiton boards, starter boards, bridge console, wing console, ecr console, navigation lights control system, general alarm, main engine and genset alarms, Inert gas system, Incinerator, tank radar systems.. etc)
Control (starter) panels
Programming and paralelling works
Trouble shooting and solution on controlling & command systems (Main engine, generators, steering gear, pitch control systems, cranes etc.)
General linage works
General cleaning and painting works
UVT tests,  Reverse power tests
Overcurrent tests
High voltage tests
Load tests
Meger tests & isolation tests
Transformers and convertors
General lights and navigation lights