Main Engine & Generators

Service Details

Maintenance and renewal if need following work items

Overhauling, cleaning, inspecting, maintenance, decarbonisationing, renewing if need, testing, crack testings, before & after measurement and reporting and reassembling after finishing of all works with vessel supplied seals & o-rings and operation testing & delivering to the vessel
Cylinder head (Valve rotator, valve spring, inlet valve, rocker arm, exhaust valve)
Exhaust manifold
Piston, piston ring, piston pin
Connecting rod
Push rod, push rod roller
Cam shaft
Crank bearing, Crank shaft main bearing, tie bolts

Other maintenance works on engine:
Air cooler
Turbo charger
Fuel pumps
Oil pump
Cleaning of carter and sump tank

Other special works on engine:
Liner honing
Crank machining
Piston reconditioning
Inlet&outlet valves welding and machining
Cover machining
Cover, piston and liner renewal
Crank renewal
Block renewal
Complete main engine & generator renewal