Piping Works

Service Details




Renewal of following piping systems

  • Dismantling of old cracked, bended, leaking, weak and decomposed pipes as per marking and manufacturing new pipes as isometric in workshop. NDT controls in workshop and fitting place on board of the vessel.
  • Pressure test and operation testing of renewed pipe systems and delivering to the ship.

Type of pipe materials used:

  • Black pipes
  • GRP pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • CuNiFe pipes
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Aluminium pipes
  • Hydraulic pipes
  • Pipe isometrics and tracing systems

Pipe systems done:

  • Bilge water system
  • Ballast water system
  • Airvent, sounding, scupper and draining systems
  • CO2 system
  • Fire system
  • Fuel oil system
  • Diesel oil system
  • Lube oil system
  • Cooling water system
  • Fresh water systems
  • Air systems
  • Domestic water systems
  • Steam system
  • Thermal oil systems
  • Washing systems
  • Tank cleaning systems
  • Inert gas & Nıtrogen systems
  • Oxy-acetylene system
  • Inert gas system
  • Foam system
  • Hydraulic pipe systems
  • Cable pipes
  • Cargo lines 
  • Framo special pipe lines
  • Chemical tanker cargo area general pipe lines